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Safe, Effective Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Programs

If you or a loved one is looking for a drug and alcohol detox program that is not only safe but also effective, you need look no further than 12 Keys Rehab. Our team of caring professionals knows exactly what our clients are going through, and has the knowledge and experience to help.

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The fear of going through alcohol detoxification, drug detoxification or both can obviously be a powerful emotion, and make someone hesitant to seek treatment. However, at 12 Keys we don’t believe that detox should be a punishment. We have a great deal of experience in this area and we are passionate about helping our clients begin to repair their bodies and minds. After you detox safely and comfortably, we help you regain control over your life, without drugs and alcohol.

For many, a detox program is the first step to a successful recovery. There are various stages to detox, and the length depends on your specific needs. At 12 Keys, all detox programs are medically assisted, meaning a medical professional will be by your side throughout your withdrawal process.

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Our medically-assisted drug detox programs are developed and implemented by Dr. Victor Balta, a Board Certified neurologist and psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience in addiction medicine. In addition to Dr. Balta, 12 Keys is fortunate to have Clinical Director and noted field expert Loretta Lukic on staff. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Ms. Lukic is well versed in every aspect of clinical care.

3-Steps to Entering Detox

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  2. We’ll guide you through the whole process
  3. Start detoxing, heal your body and begin your recovery

Why is Detox Necessary?

Many people suffering from drug or alcohol dependency have to go through detoxification as part of their treatment program. This is a way to remove all of the chemicals from their system and ensure they are physically stable enough to enter the rehabilitation process.

In order for drug detox or alcohol detox to be safe and effective, however, careful medical supervision is needed. At 12 Keys Rehab, we offer a holistic detox program that provides support for not only the physical needs of our clients, but also their emotional needs.

It is very important for you to realize, however, that detoxing from drugs or detoxing from alcohol is not enough. It’s not sufficient to just dry out, because that doesn’t do anything for the deeper issues that cause addiction. This is an extremely complex issue that has mental, spiritual and physical aspects. All of these must be addressed thoroughly as part of an overall treatment program.

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Our goal at 12 Keys Rehab is to make your journey toward recovery as seamless as possible by removing obstacles which otherwise might stand in your way.

We will pay for your prescription medications during and related to your treatment at 12 Keys. All meals, activities, and most incidentals, including the gym, are also covered.

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We want to ensure you will come out of detox strong and ready for recovery. Learn how you can make sure you have a healthy detox experience:

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Duration of Detox

The length of your detox program will vary greatly depending on the drug and the severity of your addiction. Detox can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The average detox time is about 1 week, but this all depends on you and your specific needs for recovery.

Duration of detox

While You Detox

Many people hesitate to enter treatment because they’re afraid of detox. At 12 Keys, we view detox like any period of illness. You need compassionate care, treatment and specific amenities to make you feel comfortable.

Detox at 12 Keys takes place under the watchful, compassionate care of Dr. Balta and staff members – many of whom have been through detox themselves. You’ll have a clean, comfortable and private room. And when you’re sick, you need someone to care for you and help you feel better. We believe drug and alcohol detox is about starting on the path to wellness. With good nutritious food, plenty of rest, appropriate medical treatment and caring people to talk to, you’ll find that detox is just the first step along the path to recovery.

The Stages of Detox

There are three stages of detox. Depending on your unique situation, you may pass through each quickly, or it may take some time. No matter what, we’re here to help you and make sure you’re comfortable and safe while you detox.

The stages of detox include:

  1. Acute stage — During the acute stage, your body withdraws from drugs or alcohol. This is the stage in which medical supervision is necessary or helpful to make sure your body doesn’t react badly to withdrawal from substances. You may feel nauseous, tired, headachy or achy, similar to flu symptoms. We can give you detox medications to counteract the worst symptoms of acute detox so you don’t have to suffer needlessly.
  2. Emergent stage — As the drugs and alcohol leave your system, other health problems may emerge. Not everyone has other health problems masked by substance abuse, but if you do, they will most likely show up during the emergent stage. High blood pressure, hypoglycemia, diabetes and other physical problems may arise, or a mental illness such as schizophrenia, depression or anxiety can also emerge. Mentally, you may actually feel a lot better. Many people say they feel relieved because they know they’re on the way back to health again.
  3. Post detox — Once the process of drug and alcohol detox is complete, you will then undergo an individualized treatment program to heal your mind, body and spirit. We will provide constant treatment and monitoring during the detoxification process, which will then lead to the observation and orientation phase of your rehabilitation. Once our staff members get to know you better, they will work with you to determine the best plan of treatment.For a month or two after detox, you may still feel a little uneasy. You’re recovering from a disease, just like getting over a severe flu or other serious illness. Good nutrition, plenty of rest, and time for meetings and recovery work can make this stage a little easier. This is the time to adjust to your new, drug-free life.

Why is Detox Alone Not the Answer?

Many people still believe that detoxing from drugs and detoxing from alcohol is the same thing as rehabilitation. However, they are two significantly different components of an overall recovery program. Detox rids your body of the harmful chemicals you’ve been ingesting, but rehab is where you will be given the tools to make a full recovery so you can get back to living the life you love. Where detox rids your body of substances and begins the physical healing process, rehab helps you rid your lifestyle of bad habits and encompasses the emotional and spiritual healing process.

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Common Detox Programs

Detoxing is different based on the substance you’re removing from your body, including some of the following symptoms:

  • Alcohol detox — During alcohol detoxification, you may feel shaky, headachy or nauseous. In severe cases, you may feel like you have the flu, hallucinate, or feel very anxious.
  • Alcohol + a drug — Symptoms during withdrawal from both drugs and alcohol depend on the drugs you were using. General withdrawal symptoms include feeling shaky, anxious or depressed, as well as feeling nauseous and achy.
  • Cocaine detox — Cocaine detox can make you feel tired, edgy or sleepy.
  • Meth detox — Meth detox can cause fatigue and depression. You may sleep more and have vivid dreams, almost like hallucinations. You may feel hungrier than usual, too.
  • Opiates detox — Opiates include heroin, morphine and OxyContin. Opiate detox causes hot and cold sweats, runny eyes and nose, and abdominal cramps.
  • Prescription drug detox — Prescription drug detox causes symptoms that differ according to the drugs being abused.

Frequent Questions

How do drug detox programs work?

Drug detox programs start the recovery process by helping you safely withdraw from the substance. Because addiction causes both mental and physical changes, it can be dangerous to stop taking drugs without medical supervision. Changes to your hormones, brain chemistry, blood pressure and nervous system may need medication to regulate until your body recovers.

During drug detox, you’ll safely stop using drugs. The first few hours can be intense, but you won’t be alone. 12 Keys has staff members who have been through detox themselves and know what it’s like.

Can drug detox kill you?

Unfortunately, detox can kill you if it is done improperly, or if you’re trying to quit “cold turkey” on your own. That’s because your body has adapted over time to the amount of drugs or alcohol you’ve been taking. Stopping them abruptly can cause a boomerang effect in your blood pressure, heart rate or body temperature. Do not drug detox on your own.

Detox at a facility like 12 Keys, with medical supervision and treatment available, is very safe. We have the experience to recognize potential problems and take immediate action to keep you healthy and comfortable as your body withdraws from substance abuse.

Can you drug detox at home?

Please do not try to detox from drugs at home. It isn’t safe. Many people think they can safely quit, but without medical advice or supervision, you’re entering into very dangerous territory. Your body has worked hard to stay alive while you were taking drugs or alcohol, and it adapted to the substances you were abusing. When you abruptly take away those substances, your body can struggle to maintain its equilibrium. It’s not safe to do this at home without support.

What is drug detox like? What does it feel like?

Drug detox is different for everyone. Some people barely feel anything, while others can feel extremely sick. It all depends on your own history of substance abuse, your unique body composition and more. The important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what, detox is a necessary first step on the road to recovery.

How long is drug detox?

Drug detox varies from a few days to as long as a few weeks, depending on how long you’ve been abusing substances, what you were abusing, etc. It’s not possible to give you an exact timeframe for how long you’ll need for drug detox. A full and complete recovery program takes 30 days or more, preferably more. You’ll need time to adjust to your new, sober lifestyle and to learn the tools and skills you need to be healthy again.

Do drug detox kits work?

Drug detox kits don’t work. Most rely on common supplements like vitamins to help you detox unsuccessfully. In the meantime, you could be putting your health in jeopardy by withdrawing too quickly from dangerous drugs. Drug detox kits are ineffective at best and dangerous at worst.

Another drawback to drug detox kits is that they don’t help you understand addiction at all. There’s no support, no therapy, and nothing to help you learn how to manage life without drugs. A full rehab program, including detox and aftercare, are best for recovery.

How much is drug detox?

Detox costs about $250 to $500 per day, which is payable by many insurance companies. Keep in mind, however, that detox should be included as part of a comprehensive plan for recovery. Detox alone isn’t sufficient to keep you from returning to substance abuse. 12 Keys offers numerous payment plans to help you afford detox and treatment. When you call us, we can walk you through the costs and work with you to make treatment affordable.

What are the symptoms of withdrawal?

Withdrawal symptoms include cravings for drugs or alcohol along with physical and psychological symptoms. Symptoms vary according to the drugs being abused, but generally can include shakiness, sleepiness, hallucinations or confusion, tremors and nausea. However, not everyone experiences these symptoms. They sound scary, but they can be managed while you are in detox.

What is the meaning of withdrawal syndrome?

Withdrawal syndrome refers to the process of drug and alcohol detox and includes the physical and psychological symptoms experienced. It also includes cravings weeks or months after detoxification has taken place.

What is the most dangerous drug to withdraw from?

Alcohol, especially combined with tranquilizers, is the most dangerous drug to withdraw from. That’s because alcohol and tranquilizers depress the central nervous system to such an extent that sudden withdrawal can cause seizures, soaring blood pressure, racing heart beat and more. It’s important for anyone addicted to alcohol and/or tranquilizers to receive medical supervision during detox. Call 12 Keys to speak to a counselor about detoxing from alcohol.

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