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Partial Hospitalization Programs

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) offers the intense attention of a residential program without having to be in a hospital or institutional setting. If you’re interested in learning more about PHP, contact 12 Keys today.

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Does PHP Work?

PHP is a very popular option for many clients. This type of program helps clients build toward a lasting recovery while receiving the highest quality of clinical care — without forcing them to leave their families for extended periods of time.

What Makes a PHP Better Than a Residential Rehab Program?

It’s very important to note that a PHP isn’t necessarily “better” than any other type of rehab program in terms of quality. However, there are certain circumstances where it could be a better fit for one client than another. PHPs are also a good choice for people who will have success in a more flexible environment.

No matter what type of program you choose, in order to get the most of it, you’ll have to be willing to put in the effort needed to deliver success. At 12 Keys Rehab, we will work closely with you to develop a plan that works for your specific needs and help you along the path to a sustainable recovery. If you would like to learn more about our PHP program or schedule an appointment with a professional, give us a call at 866-480-4328 or contact us online.

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Overview of a PHP Program


PHP offers many of the same services as an in-patient program. Clients have the same access to counseling and therapy services, as well as aftercare support once the program is complete.

You will typically attend sessions anywhere from five to seven days each week for several hours each day. PHP clients, in most cases, have improved to the point where facility professionals feel they will be able to take certain recovery steps on their own.

However, a PHP program is still extremely structured. If a client either doesn’t continue to show improvement or fails to appear, he or she may need to enter a residential program until their condition improves.

It’s crucially important that anyone in a PHP does whatever is possible to remain on course. Therapists will place a great deal of emphasis on making sure the client realizes that this is an extremely important time in the recovery process. It is essential clients comply with the treatment program their counselors and therapists lay out for them.

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Types of Treatment

PHP clients work very closely with a wide range of professionals, including psychiatrists, therapists, physicians and others. Some programs will have a detox component where a client can obtain the medication he or she needs. These types of detox services are usually only available to clients whose withdrawal symptoms are mild or moderate. If a person has severe or life-threatening symptoms, that client will have to go into a more intensive detox program before being able to enroll in a PHP.


These are a few of the other forms of treatment typically available in a PHP:

  • Group Therapy — This typically involves focusing on specific topics, with sessions facilitated by a mental health professional. Some of the topics covered include stress management, coping skills, team building, relapse prevention and more.
  • Individual Therapy — Individual therapy includes one-on-one meetings with a therapist or counselor to help the client maintain abstinence and cope with unhealthy behaviors.
  • Aftercare Support — As clients near completion of the PHP, professionals help prepare them for life after the program by creating a specific plan tailored to their needs. These can include tactics for relapse prevention, direction to support groups, further counseling on a group or individual basis and other services.

In addition, treatment options such as nutritional education, fitness classes, therapy, meditation or yoga.

Partial hospitalization treatment can be very intense. Even though clients have more freedom and flexibility than what is found in the typical residential program, they will still receive the same level of attention and care. All treatments will be provided with the goal of helping clients learn new ways of interacting positively with friends and family, and resisting the temptation to use again once they’re out of the program.

When Can I Enter your Partial Hospitalization Program?

In most cases, a client can enter a PHP rather quickly. As noted earlier, however, if the person is suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, he or she will have to go through a residential detoxification program.


The PHP process will usually start with an intake evaluation conducted by a professional who will develop a treatment plan customized for the individual client. This plan will be based on the condition of the client’s mental health as well as the type and severity of his or her addiction. The length of the program will depend on what the person needs, but will usually last anywhere from 10 days to three weeks.

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