Ranking the Collateral Damage of 10 Drugs [Infographic]


If we could assign 10 of the most frequently abused drugs a “harm score,” which drugs would come out on top? And if we then determined which drugs posed a greater threat to users and which ones harmed others, what would we learn about the collateral damage of drug addiction?

Former government researchers from the UK did just that. Using sixteen criteria – nine of which were related to the harms that a drug poses to the user and seven to the harms to others – they ranked a total of 20 drugs. We’ve highlighted the top 10 drugs from their findings.

What this shows us is the complete picture of addiction and the related fallout. After all, it’s a common misconception that the drug addict suffers in silence: we now can see that alcohol is among the few drugs that poses a significantly greater risk to others than to the user. The researchers did not make these rankings to downplay the harm of any of these drugs; rather, they wanted to underscore the fact that drug addiction could have far-reaching consequences for each and every one of us.

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