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12 Keyss FLORIDA Executive Rehab in Florida

12 Keys’ executive rehab in Florida works on a fully confidential basis, and we do not share any information about our clients unless you wish for us to do so and give permission for the same. You do not have to tell anyone at work that you are entering an executive drug rehab facility if you don’t wish to share this information.

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Within your company, you have several choices for keeping your stay at a Florida executive rehab is private and confidential. You can request a medical leave of absence. Federal law under the Family and Medical Leave Act also states that you cannot be fired for seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol problem. If you plan to be in treatment for more than three consecutive days, you may qualify for protection under the FMLA. Help is available 24/7 call this number for a free personal consultation 800-338-5770.

Short-term disability and long-term disability can also go into effect to cover your time off for treatment at an executive drug rehab center in Florida.

Executive Addiction Treatment Benefits

Drugs and alcohol impair your mind and make life difficult. Individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol often spend more time planning, preparing and partaking in their addiction than they know. This is more of a waste of time than recovery.

In business, you also know that all major decisions involve risk and reward. In any endeavor, the reward must outweigh the risk. Ask yourself: what is the reward vs. the risk of entering private drug and alcohol rehab?

The rewards include:

  • Freedom from addiction
  • Improved physical health
  • Clarity of mind
  • Resolution of guilt, fear, and shame
  • Transformation of fear into discovery and positive self-esteem

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Time spent in our executive rehab in Florida is an investment in yourself and your sobriety. Not only will you be overcoming addiction but you’ll be evolving into the best version of yourself. You’ll also be a greater asset to your profession. Throughout the executive drug rehab process, you’ll have time for your job so you can continue making a positive impact on your organization. We want your professional skills to remain sharp while we walk with you along the road to recovery.

Any new venture holds both the promise of success and the hint of failure. Your actions directly affect the outcome. The 12 Keys model has proven to be successful for many addicts over the years. And if you need us after your stay at our executive drug rehab program in Florida, we are always available to answer follow-up questions, offer aftercare advice and direction, or simply provide a sympathetic ear when you may feel tempted to relapse. Don’t waste your time on drug addiction any longer.

Will I Have Access To My Job In An Executive Rehab Facility?

Unlike many other executive drug rehab facilities, our clients have some access to communications technologies such as laptop computers and cell phones. You will be able to check-in with work and communicate effectively with your staff and colleagues. This access is granted after the first 7 days in treatment and during the hours of 5-10pm. This also gives our staff and therapists the opportunity to help you learn how to manage the pressure of life outside of rehab. Once you complete your treatment, you will have new tools in place to handle job stress and challenges without resorting to drugs or alcohol. Executive drug rehab can work for you. Help is available 24/7 call this number for a free personal consultation 800-338-5770.

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Individualized Treatment Plans In Our Executive Rehab

12 Keys’ executive rehab in Florida is known for our individualized treatment program. We understand and recognize that no two people are alike, and we don’t believe in “cookie-cutter” approaches to drug and alcohol recovery. In our private drug rehab setting, we offer a low client-to-staff ratio. This ensures the personal attention you need and deserve.

During your private Florida executive drug rehab treatment, our staff works with you to create a customized and flexible program that incorporates the latest medical, psychological and other recovery methods. We know that you are a unique individual, which is why your recovery should match your personal needs and goals. We will use a holistic approach to make sure your program fits your lifestyle, needs, and temperament for your full recovery. Discover your most productive side, without drugs or alcohol.

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Because our holistic approach engages your mind, body, and spirit in recovery, we’ve developed a four-tier process to help you detox, repair, learn and grow.

  • Detox – Depending on the drug or substance, the detox phase can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Many of our clients enter this phase with fear and come out of it with tremendous gratitude. While your situation is unique, we expect your outcome to be no different. Our compassionate care, individualized treatment, and comfortable amenities are here to take the edge off the detox process and help keep you committed to your recovery. Plus, you’ll have a medical professional at your side throughout the withdrawal process to ensure it’s safe and comfortable.
  • Repair – This phase concentrates on healing your mind, body, and spirit, beginning with assessing where you are and determining where you want to be. During the repair phase, we often deal with underlying struggles or other issues which may be at the root of your addiction. We employ everything from proven treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy to progressive therapies like eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Throughout this phase of treatment, you’ll conquer old issues and deal with new ones as they come. We’ll be right by your side to monitor your recovery and adjust your treatment plan along the way as needed.
  • Learn – The majority of us have been where you are. Our unwavering compassion drives us to share the tools that help us continue to live and teach a life of recovery. We want to share the same tools with you during this phase. Once you leave our executive rehab program, you’ll have everyday challenges to overcome as you return to work. We’ll help you develop the skills needed to stand strong against temptation and deal with stressors. When you’re ready, you’ll also have the opportunity to bring your family in for therapy so they can learn more about the science of addiction and become compassionate supporters of your recovery.
  • Grow – As your rehab process comes to an end, we’ll work closely with you to develop an aftercare plan and chart your course for a lifetime of sobriety. Our support doesn’t end when you leave our facility. Your customized plan will clearly define your support system, lifelong goals, tools for responding to triggers and ongoing treatment. By this phase, you’ll see how much you’ve evolved and will be keenly aware of a renewed sense of purpose and vision for your life.

No part of this process is carried out in an impersonal, clinical environment. We prefer a more relaxed setting with individualized treatment. In fact, we only a small number of clients at a time. You’ll never be lost in the crowd or viewed as just a number. To us, you’re a person with a face, name, goals, passion, personality, and a sense of purpose, even if you feel some of this has been lost. Our compassionate, caring staff will help you once again find all this and more.

Most of us have been in your shoes so we know individualized, tailored treatment is crucial to your success. It’s what has helped us teach and demonstrate a life of recovery to our clients for years. We intend for the same joy of sobriety to be yours. Recovery cannot be achieved alone. We’re here to help you get on the right path with compassionate treatment customized for your specific situation and goals. Help is available 24/7 call this number for a free personal consultation 800-338-5770.

How Confidential Is Our Executive Drug Rehab Program?

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Your treatment at our executive rehab is 100 percent confidential. We do not share any information outside of the facility, except with your insurance company to ensure timely processing of coverage, and those people or other entities for whom you provide us permission to share information with. 12 Keys is located along Florida’s coast. If you’re traveling from outside the state, it’s likely that no one will know you in the surrounding area. Even if you’re a local, you can choose to stay on the grounds for the complete duration of your treatment, so you don’t risk encountering anyone you know from work.

To help ensure your privacy and confidentiality, the following steps are in place:

  • Anonymity — Anonymity means that in 12-step meetings, in group therapy sessions and in other recovery settings, only first names are used. People introduce themselves without last names.
  • Confidentiality — Anything you say to our staff is held in strict confidence. We do not share this information with anyone outside of our program.
  • Privacy — We offer private and semi-private rooms with attached baths to ensure your privacy during your stay. Travel arrangements to and from rehab can be made by our team as an added method of ensuring your personal privacy.

During your time in rehab, you will also learn many techniques for deflecting questions about your new lifestyle. For example, after private alcohol rehab, you will no longer be able to drink alcohol safely. During business meetings and dinners, the question may arise as to why you are no longer drinking. We’ll share with you many effective, but simple, ways to deflect these types of questions to maintain your privacy. Protect your privacy with 12 Keys.

What If Someone Finds Out I Am Going To Executive Drug Rehab?

It is unlikely that anyone in your workplace will learn you are attending rehab. However, if someone does discover the truth, you may be surprised at the positive reception you receive. If a coworker finds out about your addiction, remember that people are generally supportive of others who seek treatment for a problem. Ask coworkers who have learned about your situation to maintain your privacy and to avoid gossiping about the subject. In the end, people are generally more concerned with their own problems than talking about what others are going through. Be proud that you are taking steps to recover.

Physical and Mental Benefits Of Executive Drug Treatment Programs

Executive rehab has a positive, productive effect on both your physical and mental abilities. Drugs and alcohol may initially make it seem like you are more effective at your job, but they actually impair your judgment. Once you complete private drug rehab, you’ll find that you have more physical stamina and better health that benefit your responsibilities and actions at work.

Your moods will improve, and mood swings will disappear. This makes you more effective at work. Attending meetings and support groups will help you recover from drug and alcohol addiction — these groups can also help you improve your ability to listen and respond empathetically to others. This translates into better performance at work, as you improve your ability to listen to problems and respond effectively. When your mind is clear, everything improves, including your performance at work. Take time for yourself and your life and your work will improve.

The Different Amenities Available In Our Florida Executive  Rehab Facility

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At our Florida executive rehab center, we make sure you recover in a relaxing, comfortable setting. It’s not a harsh, clinical setting, and we are also located on a waterfront property in Florida. Our serene property is conducive to many amenities for rest and recreation during your recovery.

You will have a private or semi-private room, but we also encourage you to socialize with others. There are landscaped grounds, outdoor recreational areas, and indoor areas for watching television, reading books, visiting with friends and family, or simply enjoying a quiet moment.

Your recovery plan will include both scheduled sessions to work on the underlying issues that prompted your addiction, as well as time to learn new skills to cope with your addiction. After you complete detox, you will meet privately with a staff member to plan the rest of your stay with us. This recovery plan will include a mix of:

  • Individual, private therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • 12-step and recovery support meetings

In addition to the mental and emotional work of recovery, we make sure you have time for physical activities, too. Our clients have time for a swim in the pool, fitness activities, and scheduled activities such as deep-sea fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, and other sports.

You can eat your meals together with others, and enjoy healthy, gourmet dishes. Our chef prepares meals and snacks that are both nourishing as well as comparable to the best restaurant choices. Visitors are welcome while you stay with us, and you will have access to your electronic devices to keep in touch with work, family, and friends. Rehab doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

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Keeping Your Sobriety Strong After Executive Rehab

The goal of our program is to help you acquire coping skills and tools to maintain your sobriety after you complete your treatment program. When it’s time to leave treatment, you will work with a staff member to create a customized aftercare plan. This plan includes suggestions for recovery meetings, continuing counseling or medical care, exercise and fitness, and other work-life balance suggestions. Your aftercare plan will be designed to help you continue your newly sober lifestyle.

If you ever need additional help, the staff at 12 Keys welcomes your call. Help is available 24/7 call this number for a free personal consultation 800-338-5770. We are committed to your long-term recovery and are always willing to help in any way possible.

If You Are Struggling With Substance Abuse Call Our Florida Executive Drug Rehab Center Today and Begin Your Journey To a New Beginning

It isn’t always possible to do everything on our own. When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, finding the confidential, professional support you need starts by calling us. To receive personal, confidential help for your drug or alcohol problem, call us today. You may call us any time, 24/7. All calls are completely confidential. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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