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At 12 Keys’ holistic drug rehab center in Florida, we believe a holistic rehab program offers a healthy way of overcoming addiction. Alcohol and drug dependence are not “one-size-fits-all” conditions. Your situation is never the same as anyone else’s and a cookie-cutter approach to treatment might not work for you. Our holistic addiction treatment center in Florida involves healing your mind, body, and spirit through individualized treatment. This approach is designed to guide you along your own unique path to discovering the best version of yourself. The goal of our Florida holistic drug rehab center is to restore your, mind, body, and spirit.

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What Is a Holistic Drug Rehab Center?

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Holistic drug rehab centers treat the whole person and not just the disease of addiction. At a holistic drug rehab center in Florida, you’ll not only have access to detox and traditional addiction recovery programs, such as 12 step meetings, but you’ll also have treatment options for mind, body, and spirit.

The philosophy behind such treatment is that each person is not just made up of disparate, unrelated parts, but rather related parts that create the whole person.

Lastly, a Florida holistic addiction rehab focuses on the individual. People are unique, and each person may need a slightly different recovery program. This type of program provides individualized support and attention that can help many people recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Help is available 24/7 call this number for a free personal consultation for yourself or a loved one 800-338-5770.

Our holistic drug rehab facility in Florida offers a different recovery experience than many traditional rehab centers. While both may offer treatment programs, treatment centers like ours generally feature a lower client to staff ratio, more treatment options and an emphasis on helping people recover in mind, body, and spirit.

As a top addiction treatment center in Florida, 12 Keys’ holistic addiction treatment center focuses on the whole individual to promote successful recovery. Below are just a few of the things you can count on at 12 Keys:

  • Small client to staff ratio – no more than a few clients per therapist.
  • Recovery programs tailored to individual needs.
  • Medically certified professionals and staff, many of whom are recovering addicts themselves.
  • A wide range of activities that get you physically active.
  • Chef-prepared meals so you can maintain a healthy, delicious diet.
  • Private and semi-private rooms that give you time to reflect and recover.
  • Waterfront location provides close proximity to the tranquility of nature.
  • Access to technology gives you a feeling of connectedness to the world.

Our Approach To Holistic Drug Rehab In Florida

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Our addiction treatment program emphasizes an integrated approach to recovery. Our specific services are targeted toward physical, mental and emotional recovery, but they frequently overlap in the impact each has on your life as a whole.

At 12 Keys’ holistic drug rehab center in Florida, clients begin their recovery program with detox to rid their bodies of drugs, alcohol and toxic substances. After successful detox, nutritional counseling and tasty, healthy meals replenish your body and help it begin to heal itself from months or years of neglect and drug abuse.

You will also have the opportunity to partake in various physical fitness opportunities to address your individual needs. Exercise is an important component of your recovery program. Not only does it help your body heal and regain strength, but it also imparts many psychological benefits, too.

In addition to helping you recover physically, our holistic rehab center helps you regain your mental health through various types of therapy. 12 Keys is a dual diagnosis facility, meaning we can help people struggling with both a diagnosis of mental health disorders and substance abuse. As part of a holistic drug treatment center program in Florida, we incorporate different types of therapy and counseling into your recovery program. Individual counseling and group counseling may be part of your treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, biofeedback and other forms of therapy may also be recommended for your recovery.

As you work on your physical and mental recovery, it is also important to consider your spiritual recovery in a comprehensive approach to rehab. The 12-Step Programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and other “anonymous” programs recognize addiction as a disease that is spiritual as well as psychological and physical. At our holistic addiction treatment center in Florida, you have space and opportunity to practice yoga, meditation and other alternative forms of spirituality that promote a well-rounded recovery.

People aren’t made according to one blueprint, and their recovery shouldn’t follow a set, specific or inflexible plan. At our holistic drug rehab center, your recovery program can be as unique as you are. Help is available 24/7 call this number for a free personal consultation for yourself or a loved one 800-338-5770.

Why Choose Our Holistic Drug Rehab Center in Florida?

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When you’re searching for a great drug rehab center, you don’t have to look any further than 12 Keys.

  • Holistic Detox Center: We take a holistic approach to keeping you as comfortable as possible during the detox process. Our staff of medical professionals are highly trained at finding the right combinations of therapy, diet, rest, and medication to keep you comfortable during the process. The process of removing all the toxins from your body can last several days or several weeks, but under the caring and watchful eye of our detox center professionals, you will come out of detox feeling stronger and ready for the next steps of recovery.
  • Expert staff: Our medical professionals and staff are both experienced and compassionate when dealing with addiction. Many of the staff are recovering from addiction themselves. We know what it is like to be admitted to a drug rehab facility and undergo treatment. Our compassionate staff members also have important credentials including counseling certifications, state certifications and more to work with addiction and recovery.
  • Low client to staff ratio: In order to benefit the most from individualized treatment, it’s important to have a low client to staff ratio. This enables each staff member to give more time to clients during treatment. Our staff typically works with only a handful of clients at a time, so there’s always someone for you to talk to when you need it.
  • A wide range of treatment options: 12 Keys’ holistic drug rehab center in Florida a wide range of therapies to meet each client’s needs and we always include clients in the development of their own treatment model. Different types of counseling, exercises, activities, and programs are offered to provide a “menu” for our clients and staff to select the best program for recovery.
  • Client preferences honored: Our program honors client preferences and makes every effort to account for them when creating treatment plans. Although some activities are strongly recommended, our approach is custom-tailored. Our holistic drug rehab center respects your personal and religious convictions and preferences, without trying to force anything on you.
  • Comfortable surroundings: People recover faster when they’re in comfortable, pleasant surroundings. Our facilities make you feel like you’re gathering at a nice resort or family home, not a hospital.
  • Great location: Our waterfront property, beautiful grounds and outdoor areas for rest and recreation help relieve stress and tension during the emotional work of recovery. You can reconnect with yourself through nature, and learn to appreciate the little things in life that make sobriety so worth achieving.

What Are The Benefits Of a Holistic Drug Rehab Program?

Only you can answer this question, but most people do benefit from this type of treatment.

The 12 Keys holistic drug rehab program in Florida is an approach that offers so many benefits. You’ll receive personalized attention from caring staff that has walked in your shoes and understand how you feel. Each day offers new challenges and fresh insights as you journey through recovery.

But it’s not all work and no play. A comprehensive recovery includes time for recreation and time to refresh your spirit. Activities, personal time and time to explore new hobbies and interests are all part of our treatment program.

Recovery shouldn’t feel like jail or time spent in a hospital. Instead, at our holistic drug addiction rehab center, you’ll feel like you’re in a safe, nonjudgmental place where you have the time, space and support to work on your own personal issues that will help you maintain sobriety.

Anyone suffering from drug and alcohol addiction will benefit from recovery at 12 Keys’ holistic drug rehab center in Florida. Some specific populations holistic treatment might be best for include:

  • Drug addicts
  • Alcoholics
  • Cross-addicted alcoholics (addicted to more than one substance or behavior)
  • People with dual-diagnosis of a concurrent mental health issue and substance abuse disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder sufferers
  • People with a strong family history of addiction
  • Individuals who have a physical illness, such as diabetes, and may need personalized medical attention during recovery
  • Relapse survivors

Like most addiction treatment centers, 12 Keys welcomes all who suffer from addiction and seek recovery. If you have an open mind and a sincere desire to get well, you will benefit from our treatment programs.

What You Can Expect At Our Holistic Drug Treatment Center

  • Individualized & varied treatment options: Our staff incorporates proven techniques and therapies including EMDR therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy. These holistic treatment options are designed to restore balance and optimal function for your entire being.
  • Our caring and empathetic staff been in your shoes: We get it. You may feel like you’ve heard it all or even tried it all when it comes to beating addiction. Many of our staff members are recovering addicts who not only teach but demonstrate a life of recovery. We’ve walked the path to recovery and want to help you navigate your journey. You’re not alone in your fight against addiction and we’re right there with personalized help to ensure you stay on the path to recovery.
  • Time-tested therapies that work: Our program employs proven traditional therapies, too. Counseling, relapse prevention techniques and coping skills training are mainstays in our process. Holistic treatment embraces a personalized approach to time-tested treatments that help you develop an efficient path to achieve your recovery goals.
  • Warm, resort-style environment: Our comfortable, pleasant surroundings encourage faster recovery. You’ll never feel like you’re in a hospital or sterile medical facility. Instead, the facilities at 12 Keys feel like a friendly waterfront resort or family vacation home. You’ll discover your best self while gaining an appreciation for the little things that make achieving sobriety worth the effort.
  • There’s always someone to talk to: A low client to staff ratio is critical to the success of individualized treatment. We only work with a small group of clients at a time to ensure we can give you all the time you need during treatment. Our compassionate staff holds professional credentials and provides a personal touch that ensures you always have an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

What Makes Our Florida Holistic Drug Rehab a Good Option?

One of the hardest aspects of recovery is learning how to live without drugs and alcohol. For a long time, substance abuse served as the primary focus of the day. Now that you’re in recovery, that’s changed. You need to learn new and effective ways of caring for yourself, productive ways of spending your time and simple ways to relax and recharge.

Traditional recovery programs can help you detox and mentally recover, but few offer the deep, personalized healing that our holistic addiction rehab center in Florida offers. Help is available 24/7 call this number for a free personal consultation for yourself or a loved one 800-338-5770. We recognize that sobriety is more than just living without drugs or alcohol. It’s about changing yourself from the inside-out to be a healthier, better person.

Like many struggling addicts, you may not know which area of your health you’re trying to repair in addiction recovery. This is why we work to increase your chances of addressing your challenges so you can stay on the road to recovery.

At the core of holistic addiction rehab lies the belief that mental, physical and spiritual health are all connected. The disease is just one of these areas will affect the other two. Once the main issue affecting your sobriety is resolved, this approach will then work to heal your mind, body, and spirit so you can continue to stay sober.

Our holistic drug treatment center in Florida helps you understand and appreciate that you’re more than just your addiction. We provide you with a fully customized, personalized recovery program that honors your personal choices and needs. If you have tried traditional recovery programs before with little success, we can help you see your addiction from a whole new perspective that gives you the strength to take back control of your life.

Can a Holistic Drug Treatment Center Work For Me?

There’s no research specifically on holistic drug rehab to compare it to traditional rehab. The holistic movement itself is too young to have a great deal of clinical research behind it, and when combined with drug addiction and recovery treatment, there’s just not enough clinical evidence to draw specific conclusions when compared to other forms of addiction recovery.

Nevertheless, it does work. Take a look at the many testimonials on our website from clients we’ve helped over the years. These are real people who have done the hard work of recovery and have succeeded in maintaining their new, healthy lifestyle. You can, too.

Nationwide, 40 to 60 percent of people who recover from drug addiction relapse in some way. That’s comparable to relapse rates for other serious, chronic illnesses. Diabetics, for example, relapse when they stop taking prescribed medication or no longer comply with diet and exercise programs intended to combat their disease. The rate of relapse among diabetics is comparable to that of drug recovery, with 30 to 50 percent of diabetics relapsing on their treatment programs.

You don’t have to be among that 40 to 60 percent of addicts who relapse. A holistic drug rehab center in Florida may help you avoid relapse and maintain your new, healthy, sober and productive lifestyle.

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If You Are Struggling With Substance Abuse Contact Our Holistic Drug Rehab Center Today

The right treatment center should make you feel welcome, understood and safe. At 12 Keys’ holistic drug rehab center in Florida, you will feel welcome from the moment you give us a call. Our caring counselors will work with you to determine your needs given your current situation. Help is available 24/7 call this number for a free personal consultation for yourself or a loved one 800-338-5770.

Once you arrive at our holistic drug rehab center in Florida, you will be amazed by how welcoming our staff and medical professionals are. Our private and comfortable facilities will feel just like home and you will have no trouble settling into your recovery environment.

You deserve to be well again and to live the life you’re meant to. With 12 Keys’ holistic addiction treatment programs, you can recover from drug and alcohol addiction in a supportive atmosphere that treats you as a whole person, not just another face in the crowd.

Please contact us for more information or for help with your drug and alcohol addiction. Life is worth living —and living sober.

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