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Everyone Needs Support – The Importance of Support Groups and Recovery

Addiction isn’t a solitary disease, so why should recovery be? While an addict’s mind heals, it adjusts to the new realities of sobriety. These are new modes of thinking that are as daunting as they are exciting, which can be tough to face alone.

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Figuring out how to cope with a sober life isn’t easy. We may not have all the answers, but perhaps there are others that do.

Having a solid group of people backing us up is never a bad thing, whether we are recovering addicts or not. As disassociated as our society has become, we’re still human and we need the company of others to help us make our way through the world.

recovery is a journey, not a destination
Our friends and family will often be the first support group we turn to, but what if they’ve also been affected by our addiction?

The History of Alcoholics Anonymous

12 Keys Rehab CenterThe substance abuse recovery and support group, Alcoholics Anonymous, is responsible for more successful rehabilitations than any other treatment organization in the world. From its birth in 1935 in Akron, Ohio to the thousands of chapters around the world today, AA has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that sobriety can be mass produced, even in the most hopeless-seeming cases, by following the Twelve Steps. Find out more about the incredible success of Alcoholics Anonymous and learn how AA, combined with inpatient rehabilitation, can provide a path to freedom from the damage caused by alcoholism.

Where to Find Reliable Information on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

12 Keys RehabWhen it comes to beating an addiction to drugs or alcohol, information is power. Although the field of addiction science is changing and growing every day, a wealth of information exists to help both people addicted to substances and their family members recover from this dangerous and damaging illness. Unfortunately, there are also many misconceptions — which is why finding reliable, factual information is of the utmost importance.

Drugs and the Genetic Code [Video Infographic]

View the video of Drugs and the Genetic Code

This video infographic is about Drugs and the Genetic Code. Not only can drug use affect your lifestyle, personal goals, and relationships, but it can also alter how your brain works.

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