Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

What Is Dual Diagnosis? Someone who is struggling with an addiction and one or more mental illnesses simultaneously is typically said to have a dual diagnosis and will most likely need professional help from a dual diagnosis treatment center in Florida. The addition of another illness to the already complex problem of addiction makes treatment … Continued

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

Just as there are numerous forms of addiction, there are many forms of addiction treatment, and each type of treatment has been designed to meet a specific set of needs. For instance, outpatient addiction treatment programs offer a less intensive rehabilitative curriculum for patients who require flexibility in their treatment schedules. With a dual diagnosis … Continued

Co-Morbidity and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Did you know that people who develop drug addiction are more than twice as likely to also have a co-occurring mental health disorder? Addiction, when it occurs alongside another disorder or illness, is called co-morbidity or dual diagnosis. Unfortunately, substance abuse often makes these problems worse, resulting in a more complex and longer recovery. Which … Continued

Can I Achieve Long-Term Recovery Even With a Dual Diagnosis?

On its own, drug or alcohol addiction is debilitating and can often lead to devastating results. For some, it’s even more daunting when dealing with a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis occurs when an addict is also afflicted with a mental disorder, such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and other personality disorders. In some cases, … Continued

Dual Diagnosis: Understanding and Treating the Root of Addiction

Does this sound like you? You suffer from unbearable anxiety, or crushing depression, but you were too embarrassed or ashamed to seek professional help, so you turned to alcohol or drugs to escape the mental pain and seek relief… …or perhaps you’ve been diagnosed as bi-polar, but the meds you’ve been prescribed numbed you up … Continued

Alcohol and Anxiety: A Dangerous Combo

If you have turned to alcohol as a means of relieving stress, you are certainly not alone. One study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry found that 13% of American adults surveyed reported drinking alcohol to moderate feelings of anxiety, stress or panic at least once in the previous year. The researchers also found … Continued

PCP Treatment

Our PCP Withdrawal Treatment PCP is a hallucinogenic and dissociative drug that makes you feel detached from the world and from those around you. If you’re suffering from an addiction, these effects can make it even more difficult to ask for help. Perhaps you’ve tried quitting the drug alone, and it’s been too difficult. No … Continued

Darvocet Abuse

Darvocet addiction rehab center Darvocet is a narcotic painkiller with the active painkilling components propoxyphene and acetaminophen. The tablets come in doses that range from 30 mg to 650 mg, and abusing the drug can cause severe disruption to your life due to its physical and psychological side effects. If you or someone you know … Continued

Moon Rocks

moon rocks drug rehab center If you’re experiencing an addiction to moon rocks, or know someone who is, it’s understandable that you’d be concerned and would want to know as much information as possible about the drug. Very common within the rave scene and often glamorized in songs, the recreational use of moon rocks can … Continued

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