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Keith Gillen

Primary Therapist

“Spirituality supports resiliency, a crucial component of recovery. It’s a resource that can help to sustain us through difficult times. It helps individuals search for the meaning and purpose of life, and it helps them experience hope, love, inner peace, comfort and support. I strive to honor all faith traditions, as well as the beliefs and life philosophies of those who do not adhere to any religion.”
– Keith Gillen

Keith Gillen- 12 Keys rehabilitation center therapist

Primary Therapist, Ordained Pastor and Addiction Professional Keith Gillen

Keith Gillen, a Certified Addiction Counselor and Ordained Pastor, is uniquely positioned to help clients recover from the grip of substance abuse because he is a recovered addict himself. Keith provides the healing 12 Keys Rehab client with a holistic, spiritual approach to a real, life-affirming recovery through the rediscovery of hope, love and inner peace.

Healing Together

Keith believes incorporating spirituality into the alcoholism and addiction recovery processes fosters personal wholeness as well as a productive, fulfilling lifestyle. For seven years Keith has worked in the substance abuse field and his specialty is reengaging clients with loved ones so they may all heal from the disease of addiction together.

Through spirituality these dual recoveries help victims of substance abuse recover the resiliency they require to cope with the stressors and joys of everyday life.

Living Life in Recovery Instead of Living Life in a Recovery Center

Unlike other rehab facilities whose counselors don’t understand the difficulties clients face when they must return to the “real” world, Keith and the staff at 12 Keys know they must provide clients with the tools and resources necessary to cope with the people and situations the outside world presents daily. That is why 12 Keys employs the real recovery approach to treatment; by allowing clients access to laptop computers, cell phones and the people they love and do business with, the 12 Keys staff can help clients effectively cope with stress while resisting the lure of alcohol and drugs.

Contact 12 Keys Recover Center and discover how Keith and the rest of our staff can help you or a loved one reengage with once-loved people, work and activities.

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