Strawberry Quick – Separating the Facts from Fiction

There are plenty of rumors in the media about drug dealers disguising methamphetamine as Strawberry Quick. The reports are that drug dealers are using bright pink coloring and candy-like flavoring to market Strawberry Quick to children. As a parent, this can cause a variety of frightening emotions.

When the story first caught media attention in 2007, it became a firestorm. Despite the wide reporting on the drug in the media and its continuing resurfacing years later, there have been no reports of children using flavored crystal meth.

Strawberry Quick Myths

The good news is that there is no Strawberry Quick drug. There isn’t any evidence to support the idea that meth dealers and makers are targeting children by creating strawberry-flavored methamphetamine.

During the height of the Strawberry Quick drug hoax, there were several rumors about the drug, what it was and how it was marketed. Emails circulated among educational institutions, in the media, and in state and local law enforcement agencies. However, law enforcement on the federal level stated that there was no truth to the rumor.

One email circulated during this time made claims that drug dealers were masking the flavor of crystal meth by using pop rocks candy and giving it to children. However, compares flavored meth to the Loch Ness Monster, as something everyone has heard about, but no one has been able to verify.

The Truth About the Strawberry Quick Drug

While rumors and myths circulated the Internet, that doesn’t mean there isn’t cause for concern. Law enforcement has confirmed seizure of brightly colored versions of crystal meth. These versions resemble candy in appearance, though lab testing has confirmed they are not flavored like candy.

There are many theories on the reason behind the color variations and none of them have anything to do with attracting children. Most believe dealers add dye in an attempt to avoid detection by law enforcement. Regardless of the flavor or the color of methamphetamine, it’s a dangerous drug that is highly addictive. There are several physical symptoms associated with long-term meth use, including:

  • Extreme weight loss
  • Severe dental problems
  • Skin sores
  • Damage to liver, kidneys and lungs
  • Damage to heart and brain
  • Stroke
  • Depression

In addition to the many long-term health repercussions caused by meth use, it also increases the risks of contracting infectious diseases through shared needle use and unsafe sexual activity. Other problems arise from lowered inhibitions and engaging in risky behaviors as a result of abusing crystal meth. Some users experience powerful convulsions that result in death.

Physical youth and beauty are also victims of long-term meth use. From meth mouth to hair falling out, skin lesions, scars and disfigurations, crystal meth leads to dramatic changes in appearance among long-term users.

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