Superman Pills: What to Know

Superman pills are making headlines following their link to several unexpected drug-related deaths in 2015.  Superman pills are commonly sold as ecstasy to users who have no idea what is actually in the deadly drugs. While most common in Europe, superman pills have the possibility of being available anywhere, and it’s important to know how to avoid these deadly drugs.

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What Are Superman Pills?

Superman pills are small, pink tablets in the shape of Superman’s famous shield. Superman pills, often called red superman pills, were named for the Superman “S” logo visible on both sides of the tablet. The pills are small and look very similar to ecstasy pills. In fact, Superman pills gained notoriety after a popular form of ecstasy was sold in the shape of Superman’s “S,” but it only had the mark on one side of the pill. Now, the two-sided “S” logo-shaped pills are becoming a deadly alternative.

What Are the Effects of Superman Pills?

Many users take superman pills expecting to have the same high they’ve experienced with ecstasy. In fact, superman pills are commonly even labeled as ecstasy. However, the side effects of superman pills are not the same as those of its predecessor. The main ingredient in superman pills is PMA (paramethoxymethyamphetamine), a stimulant. The main ingredient in ecstasy is MDMA, a psychoactive drug known for its euphoric effects. MDMA gives users a mind-altering high by releasing serotonin and dopamine to boost levels of the feel-good hormones.

PMA is significantly stronger than MDMA, but it takes a longer time for the user to feel its effects. Consequently, it is not uncommon for users to take pill after pill because they think that nothing is happening. This often leads to overdose which can cause dangerous side effects such as rapid rise in body temperature, blood pressure, or pulse; paranoia or depression; and muscle spasms and the feeling of sickness. Unfortunately, these side effects can be fatal.

How Can I Avoid Superman Pills?

Because the pills are currently thought to be predominantly produced in the Netherlands, they are not common in the United States. However, the deadly pills are making their way west, as four superman pill deaths have been reported in the United Kingdom this year alone.

While PMA pills are not commonly sold alone due to their fatal effects, PMA is used to cut other drugs, like ecstasy, to profit the manufacturer. It is recommended to avoid all MDMA and ecstasy-related drugs, as more and more people experience the awful side effects and superman pill-related deaths. If you see a pink or red superman pill with the infamous logo, please report it and/or prevent those around you from taking the possible PMA pill.

What If I Am Addicted to Ecstasy?

Because superman pills are sold as ecstasy, ecstasy users are most at-risk to experience superman pill death. If you or a loved one is addicted to ecstasy, superman pills pose yet another risky component to drug addiction. The side effects of ecstasy and superman pills can be fatal. Please consider professional help if you are concerned about your own, or a loved one’s, drug addiction recovery. Contact 12 Keys today to get the help you need.

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