The First Steps Toward Recovery

Making the decision to join a rehab program is certainly not an overnight decision. But if you allow yourself to take the first steps toward recovery, doors will be begin to open for you that can lead to a clean and rewarding way of life.

Let go of Denial

If you struggle with addiction, the first step can be the biggest — letting go of your denial. Admitting you have a problem can be liberating and lead the transformation toward recovery. But as long as you deny you have a problem, the cycle will continue, as will the haunting guilt that can overwhelm you.
The first of 12 Steps from Alcoholics Anonymous reads, “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol — That our lives had become unmanageable.”

Does this sentence resonate with you? Maybe the truth of the sentence feels uncomfortable. It’s okay. Take a deep breath and keep reading. Try writing this sentence down on a piece of paper and carry it with you. Change the word “alcohol” if you need to, so that this sentence speaks directly to you. Keep this note in your purse, your pocket, by your bedside table or someplace where you will see these words on a daily basis. In time, these words can help you find the personal power and relief that comes from releasing your denial. You will start to gain more control over yourself as you admit your powerlessness over substance abuse.

Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone when you read these words. People from all walks of life have adopted this statement as a personal mantra. As you read it to yourself, imagine the support of countless others repeating those very same words with you. There is strength in numbers and this is one of the many gifts a treatment program can offer you. But, you must first let go of the denial and open yourself up to acceptance.

Accept you have a Problem

If you have moved through your denial, then congratulations! You now stand at the gate of acceptance and forgiveness. Acceptance can inspire change and further your desire to change your life. This can be a very emotional phase where temptation will find you. This is why it is especially important that if you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you seek professional treatment at a facility like 12 Keys Rehab.

The counselors and therapists at 12 Keys are all recovering alcoholics and addicts. This is not a place to be judged, but a place to heal surrounded by other people who have walked in similar shoes. We recognize that addiction recovery is not a battle of self-will, but one of personal development and empowerment. You can regain control of your life through recovery. If you have accepted you have a problem, the next step is to seek the support of a treatment program.

Join a Rehab Treatment Program

When you are ready to join a treatment program, there are several things to consider. Are there any reputable facilities in your area? What types of treatment programs are available? Perhaps a change of scenery can help jumpstart a new beginning for you. A destination rehabilitation facility like 12 Keys, located in sunny South Florida, offers a beautiful waterside environment that can help give you the fresh start you are looking for. Our facility offers intervention, medically-supervised detox, individual treatment plans, holistic treatment options, group therapy, extensive aftercare programs, dual-diagnosis therapy, family counseling and more. 12 Keys takes a very holistic approach that is committed to treating the individual and the addiction.

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