The importance of a safe detox process during drug rehabilitation

For many addicts who have made the decision to enter drug rehabilitation after a life filled with pain and misery, they will need to go through a period of safe detox before dealing with other factors associated with the addiction, and it’s important to understand the safe detox process thoroughly.

First, safe detox can be very uncomfortable. The process of safe detox involves removing all of the harmful toxins that are brought into the body by drugs. Withdrawal symptoms are the side effects that occur during the safe detox process, and if left unsupervised by a certified medical professional can be very dangerous.

12 Keys Rehab is a drug rehab facility where the detox process is completely monitored by a staff of medical professionals throughout the length of the detox process. An evaluation is made of each client to determine if safe detox is needed. Length of use and type of substances abused are both factors in determining if a client is in need of safe detox. The medical staff at 12 Keys Rehab will also evaluate clients for co-occurring disorders such as dual diagnosis, and will properly monitor those issues during the detox process as well.

Proper drug rehabilitation simply can’t begin until clients have completed the detox process. While the drug and its dangerous toxins are still in the system, the full effect of ongoing drug rehabilitation treatment options can’t be entirely effective.

During the detox process, withdrawal symptoms can include side effects such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, weight loss, paranoia and others. The medical staff at 12 Keys Rehab is fully trained in the detoxification process so that each client can detox in relative safety and comfort. If medication is required, it is safely administered and monitored by the medical staff as well.

Once the detox process is complete, clients can then safely start the next phase of drug rehabilitation, and at 12 Keys Rehab, each client is given a thorough assessment to address their specific addiction and given a treatment plan that deals with the psychological, social, mental and emotional issues often associated with addiction.

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