The Role of Drugs in Suicide [Motion Graphic]

Every year, one million deaths occur due to suicide. That figure results in one suicide every fifteen minutes. What’s worse is that many reported cases of suicide are associated with substance abuse and addiction. As scientific knowledge about suicide prevention continues to increase, it’s equally important to help educate and make aware the dangers and roles of substance abuse and suicide.

Don’t Become a Statistic

Alcohol takes the lead in substances involved in suicides, with prescription drugs taking a close second. The following list orders selected substances in drug-related suicide attempts by young adults:
1) Alcohol
2) Illicit Drugs
3) Anti-Anxiety Drugs
4) Anti-Depressants
5) Anti-Psychotics
6) Narcotic Painkillers
7) Acetaminophen Products
8) Ibuprofen Products

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Learn more about addiction and substance abuse in the motion graphic below:

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