The Spiritual Principles of Step Ten

Tenth Step: We Continued

“We continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, we promptly admitted it.”

“Ugh, I’m so tired of looking at myself! When do I get a break? How much longer do I have to do this stuff?” Since we’ve made it this far, it only makes sense to go a little further. Step Ten is when we practice the Spiritual Principle of Perseverance. We have to remember, Recovery is something we get to do. Not everyone gets this opportunity to learn about and practice Spiritual Principles while making mistakes along the way. We are freely given a new way to live by our forefathers, it is truly an honor and a privilege to be in Recovery. Working the Tenth Step is a huge part of continuing on our journey and persevering.

Self-discipline greets us straight on in Step Ten. In this step, we are again told exactly what we need to do, “…take personal inventory and when were wrong, …promptly admitted it.” Many Addicts and Alcoholics take their inventory at night and look at their day before going to bed. They look at all the things they did right and of course, where they may need to make improvements. A great piece of Literature published by Narcotics Anonymous is Information Pamphlet Nine, Living the Program. Addicts that work the Tenth Step in NA, often incorporate this useful tool in their daily lives. Taking a look at ourselves on a regular basis requires a new level of Self-discipline to go along with our new way of life.

We have learned to apply Honesty in Steps One, Four, Five and Eight. Now, in Step 10, we once again get to practice even more Honesty! By this time our honesty, especially our self-honesty, has grown exponentially. We no longer have to rely upon hindsight to see how we may have done harm. We are blessed with the ability to see it in “real-time.” All of a sudden we get that uncomfortable feeling in our gut the minute we misspeak or step on someone’s toes, if not immediately, soon thereafter. It is then and there we are afforded the opportunity to make it right, and so we do! Again, this is an awesome place and time for continued growth and healing by practicing these Spiritual Principles.

While working the Tenth Step, we are constantly vigilant of our behavior and how we treat others. The benefits are infinite, amongst them self-esteem and Integrity. We were first introduced to the Spiritual Principle of Integrity in Step Five. We are finally experiencing the fruits of our labor (the practicing of these Principles) and are rewarded with a conscience that allows us to consider other’s feelings before we say and or do something that may cause harm. We have a new voice in our head that actually makes some sense. It says, “Don’t do that,” or “Walk away.” Or even better, “I’m going to keep my mouth shut this time!” All of these responses are signs of our new-found attitude, one of Integrity.

We are now ready to continue on our Spiritual journey and begin Step Eleven. Go to Step Eleven

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