The Top Five Fears of Rehab

Change is a very personal journey that naturally encounters resistance along the way. We really are creatures of habit, so when we decide to make major changes in our behavior, there is a part of us that wants to cling to the familiar routines and habits of daily life, even if those routines and habits are not good for us. For individuals that suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, change can be particularly frightening. On one hand, getting clean and sober means a better quality of life. But, the journey to get there that can be muddled with fear and confusion. Major life changes that impact one’s working and social relationships are often necessary.

Let’s take a look at the most common fears of rehab.

1. “I’m afraid people won’t like me.”

This is a very common concern of many facing rehabilitation. If you have a drug and/or alcohol problem, chances are many of your friends do too. So, what happens when you are clean and your old friends aren’t?

Know that rehabilitation is a journey and throughout that journey, you will meet other people facing this very same issue. Many of these individuals will become your new supportive friends during and after treatment. It is by letting go of unhealthy relationships that one can open up to receive healthier relationships.

Rehabilitation will require some honest evaluation of existing relationships to determine which ones are truly healthy enough for you to keep. But, think about it…If you have friends that are not supportive of your desire for a better quality of life, is that really a “friend?” Choosing to keep healthy relationships and discard toxic ones can help you build a healthy support system full of individuals that love and encourage your personal growth. These types of relationships can lift and inspire you to new heights!

2. “I’m afraid of detox and withdrawal symptoms.”

Yes, there is the fear of the unknown when it comes to detoxification. How severe will the symptoms be? What if my body just can’t handle it? Know that detoxification in a professional rehabilitation center is monitored closely. Each individual’s experience is unique and the medical staff at 12 Keys Recovery Center is trained to provide the medical guidance and personal support necessary for such a life transition. Detoxification is a very personal experience, but one that offers you a critical step toward recovery and gives your body the gift of health. Contact us to find out more about the detoxification process. Speaking with reputable physicians that have been trained in the field of rehabilitation can help calm your fears around this important first step.

3. “I’m afraid to face the stress in my life without drugs or alcohol.”

For many, stress breeds destructive behaviors. If you have a drug or alcohol addiction, you know that stress is a major trigger that can greatly increase your consumption levels and frequency of use. During the journey of rehabilitation, you will learn coping mechanisms that will help you manage the stress and anxiety in your life. Stress will always be a trigger in life, but removing the association of stress with drugs and alcohol is a pivotal step toward recovery. Healthy stress management is a central feature of rehabilitation programs and is designed to help you replace destructive patterns of behavior with healthier behaviors.

4. “I’m afraid I won’t have anymore fun.”

Throughout rehabilitation you will have the opportunity to redefine what the word “fun” means to you and to explore life from a healthier frame of mind. There was a time in your life when “fun” did not include drugs and alcohol and there will be again. Remember there is power in your perception. If you are an addict, your “fun” has likely become limited to drug and alcohol use. But when you are living clean, “fun” will take on a whole new meaning and the possibilities are endless. You might even have “fun” going to the grocery store or simply sitting quietly by the beach.

5. “I’m afraid to fail.”

Seriously, who isn’t afraid of failure? But, what kind of satisfaction is there in not trying? Not trying is giving up before you even start. If you are suffering with addiction, it is your choice to believe in the possibility of recovery. It is this belief and the hope within you that offers the keys to success in recovery and in life. Hope is the very voice inside you that propels you forward. “FEAR” or “False Emotions Appearing As Real” is nothing more than the irrational voice of self-doubt. Fear serves no purpose but to hold you back. Read that again: fear serves no purpose but to hold you back. So, let the fear go already and begin to train your mind to focus on what you do want—a clean life! Throughout the journey of rehabilitation you will rediscover the power of hope that lies within you and gain tools to help you push the fear aside.

Do these fears ring true with you or a loved one that you know? Please know that you are not alone. Addiction is a disease that requires professional support. 12 Keys Recovery Center is designed to tackle these fears and more, helping make recovery possible for its clients. The changes required along the road to recovery will ultimately enable one to gain control over his or her life. Remember, change can be good. It’s all a matter of perspective and what you want for yourself in life.

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