Addiction and Family Counseling

12 Keys’ Family Counseling Services in Florida

At 12 Keys’ family counseling services program in Florida, our team understands our patients aren’t alone when it comes to the damaging effects of substance abuse. Everyone is impacted when a family member is suffering from an addiction. To help other family members begin the healing process, we offer family counseling services in Florida.  We understand the various family dynamics that accompany addiction and the feelings that arise – guilt, hopelessness, anger, sadness. Some families spend years helping an addict recover from abuse – our treatment team will lift your burden and help you live a happier, healthier lifestyle. Call now for a free consultation 800-338-5770 

What Happens During A Family Counseling Program?

Our family counseling service in Florida begins with an education on the disease of addiction, which is critical because it’s important for the family to understand how substance abuse impacts and changes the brain. Understanding the science behind addiction doesn’t mean excusing the destructive behavior, rather understanding the “why” behind it. We also walk families through the process of substance abuse recovery and how the addiction and recovery processes affect family relationships. Family members can share the pain they experienced as a result of the dependency in a completely compassionate, supportive and confidential forum. In this way, both family members and clients begin to re-engage with one another in a safe and loving environment as they demonstrate mutual understanding. Through supportive family counseling services in Florida, our compassionate and qualified staff can help you rebuild a safe, loving and productive relationship with your loved one.

During family addiction therapy programs, you’ll begin to understand the process of recovery – from the treatment your loved one will receive under our care to the work that continues and the support they’ll receive once they leave our facility. Treatment begins with a safe and thorough medically-assisted detox. Your loved one will have access to around-the-clock care during this important step in the recovery process. We will safely remove the toxins and assist in making the withdrawal symptoms more manageable. Next, we’ll design a customized therapy plan that caters to their specific needs using a combination of today’s most progressive evidence-based treatment.

Our counseling staff is ready to help build healthy communication channels between you and your family member. You’ll engage in productive family therapy sessions where everyone can begin to rebuild trust, improve communication and heal the emotional damage caused by addiction. Once intensive therapy is complete, your family will join our large and supportive aftercare community, that will continue to provide support and play an active role in the lifelong commitment to sobriety.

Benefits of Visiting Your Loved One in Treatment

Visiting family in rehab is not only beneficial for showing your support, but there are other benefits to being involved as well, including:

  • Encouraging your loved one to continue with the treatment program.
  • Providing you and your loved one with an opportunity to learn about addiction and how it affects everyone involved.
  • Promoting open communication between family members to begin rebuilding a healthy family dynamic.
  • Giving our staff an opportunity to gain input from family members, learn about the family dynamics and to observe how your family interacts with each other.

Visitation Do’s and Don’ts

The first week of recovery is a critical time for allowing your loved one to concentrate on staying sober with as few outside influences and distractions as possible. Family visits are a great idea and will be encouraged in our family counseling program when the time is right for both you and your loved one.

Family members are encouraged to participate so their loved ones can share certain feelings and issues in a safe environment that is guided by trained and caring professionals. Family visits during rehab can be uplifting for you and your loved ones. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that will make your rehab visits more pleasant and educational:

  • Don’t be sarcastic. This is an emotional time for everyone involved, and making sarcastic comments will not be helpful for you or your loved one’s recovery.
  • Don’t bring any outside drama with you during visits. Stress is already high, so any added arguments, gossip, and unsavory stressors will only add to your loved one’s anxiety. More anxiety or negative emotions will not help their recovery process.
  • Don’t talk about money. Reminding your loved one how much it’s costing for their recovery process will only cause embarrassment and shame, which may trigger a relapse.
  • Don’t talk about future plans. During their recovery, your loved one should be focused on living in the moment and making day-to-day achievements.
  • Do visit as often as possible. Even if you cannot visit regularly, calling your loved one while they are in recovery lets them know you’re encouraging their recovery.
  • Do give your family member praise and encourage them to continue through the recovery process.
  • Do be on time for all scheduled visits.
  • Do make an effort to meet the staff members. It’s rewarding and educational for family members to meet with the team that has been working with your family member through their recovery process.

Caring and Knowledgeable Staff

Our rehab staff is uniquely positioned to address your family’s most pressing questions and concerns because many of our counselors and specialists are in recovery. Each of our staff members are well qualified and respected among professional peers for success in treating a diverse variety of addictive behaviors – even with those who have tried rehab before. If you or a loved one need help for a drug or alcohol addiction, we can help. Call to get help now

For many families, our treatment program is the starting point for learning about the disease of addiction. Many don’t realize that they themselves may need a safe, confidential forum to discuss their own healing processes. In our family counseling service in Florida, we focus on providing the tools that families and clients need to re-engage with each other and their lives for a life-lasting real recovery.

Unlike other rehabilitation centers, our treatment center provides a practical approach to sustaining a life-affirming recovery to substance abuse. It isn’t like going to jail or the hospital. Instead, we offer our clients the opportunity to heal in a well-appointed, relaxed and supportive setting. Cell phones are permitted and so are laptop computers. You can also rest assured that you’ll be able to speak with your loved one because we believe learning to re-engage with life in a safe environment increases the chances of success. During this process, our counselors will teach your loved one the tools and techniques he or she will need to cope with the everyday pressures in the world outside rehab.

At 12 Keys in Florida, everyone in your family can learn how to find a path to freedom from addiction. Contact us and discover how we can help your loved one remember how to live a sober, productive and fun lifestyle today.

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