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A major part of any alcohol abuse treatment program is the individual alcohol counseling that is received throughout the duration of an individual’s stay. Many of the individuals who attend out treatment programs have either never received counseling for their alcoholism before, or have never received counseling that was specifically designed to help them contend with the alcohol abuse.

What we have found is that until an individual comes to terms with their alcoholism, counseling, while helpful, is oftentimes misguided and misconstrued. This, however, is not the counselor’s fault, but rather it stems from the fact that the denial created by alcoholism does not allow for any real and meaningful dialogue to occur between the alcoholic and their chosen therapy. We have the benefit of understanding wholeheartedly why are you seeking counseling and with the understanding that alcoholism lay at the heart of many of your current dilemmas we are better able to guide you through these issues and help you overcome your alcoholism.

There are certain cases where an individual will not be entirely receptive to individual alcohol counseling in Florida, as they either have trust issues, or they are just not ready to discuss some of the traumas from their past with another human being. At our addiction treatment program, we understand this, and we appreciate that every person has their own process when it comes to counseling and everyone will respond to therapy in different ways. As a result, we offer a number of different therapy options so that an individual can begin their recovery process where they feel most comfortable and explore what it means to be a sober member of society.
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What Are the Benefits of One on One Alcohol Counseling?

Individual alcohol counseling in Florida is beneficial for a number of different reasons, beyond just the mere fact that talking to another individual about issues you are facing is therapeutic in nature. Below are the most common benefits experienced by our clients:


Making the decision to attend a rehabilitation center is a huge step and one that cannot be overstated. However with this step comes the anxieties of having your alcoholism exposed to the world, which will never occur when you attend our treatment program, and also the anxieties of exposing yourself to another individual. Many times alcoholics carry around a tremendous amount of shame and guilt when it comes to their alcoholism and so they are just not ready to share these feelings in a group setting. Lucky for individuals of this kind individual alcohol counseling in Florida can be a great way to start their path into recovery.  Anything said during a one on one counseling session is guaranteed to be kept private and so you can explore whatever region of your life or mind you’d like to with complete confidence.

Dedicated Time and Attention

One thing that is imperative during early recovery is that you have the ability to spend as much time as you need diving into your alcohol issues and any surrounding problems that may accompany them. When it comes to sponsorship within a 12 Step community you will probably need someone who can dedicate a decent amount of time to you, and the same goes for your counseling session within the treatment center. You will need a counselor who can devote their time and energy to you and one on one counseling allows this to occur. The therapist will not be distracted with other individuals, as sometimes happens in group sessions, and they will be able to focus squarely on you and what you have to say. For some, this can be uncomfortable at first, but as you continue on in the process this dedicated time and attention will become an integral part of your recovery.

Transparency and Honesty

Most of our staff are recovering alcoholics who teach and demonstrate a life of sobriety. Many of us have been where you are right now and as such we know exactly what you are feeling and what you need to do in order to get out from under your alcohol problem. We know that group therapy may tempt you to put on a brave face and pretend that everything is fine, leaving you without the real help you need. With this mind we look to our one on one counseling sessions so that you can feel comfortable diving deep into the issues driving your alcoholism, and so that you can experience the true freedom of sobriety in your mind, body, and spirit. It is interesting because one of the most important aspects of recovery is honesty—in fact, it seems that without honesty not much can be done to combat alcoholism and so that is why we feel that offering one on one counseling is so important. We look to give every single one of our client’s the ability to learn how to be transparent and honest with another human being so that they can translate this ability into all aspects of their life and recovery.

Engaged Participation

Listening to the problems of others in a group setting may be overwhelming and difficult, especially in light of the weight of your own circumstances. You may find at times during group therapies that you cannot be present as you feel the weight of the world coming down on your shoulder. However, one on one counseling provides an outlet for those feelings and gives you the chance to not only focus on your recovery but to also learn how to become an active participant in group therapy. Being able to share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions with the group can be empowering and help you discover more about yourself.

Finding The Right One on One Alcohol Counseling For You

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