What Does Alcohol Actually Do? [Infographic]

More than just a drink, alcohol plays a massive role in our lives and even our history. It’s embedded into our social fabric, but how many of us know the actual dangers of alcohol? What does alcohol actually do to our bodies? 

After 1-2 drinks the effects of alcohol start. Many undermine the potential of just 1-2 drinks. Our memory and speech becomes slightly impaired and our attention span starts decreasing. Our brain gradually slows down.

Once we get to 3-5 drinks our blood alcohol content has climbed to .15% and our internal filters (liver, kidney, lungs) struggle to keep up. The dangers become exponentially harmful.

One of the largest consumers of alcohol are college students, where an average of 9 drinks are consumed weekly for male college students. Spacing out drinks over hours and making it an occasional event is commonplace advice, but how many of us actually know the effects and risks as we drink in one sitting? The infographic below provides this information and helps educate us about the the associated dangers with drink quantities.

What Does Alcohol Actually Do [Infographic]

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