What is Benzo Fury?

Benzo Fury is a fairly new drug being marketed as a research chemical. The actual drug name is Benzofuram, and it has been widely sold in stores, being labeled as “not for human consumption” under the brand name Benzo Fury. Benzofuram is a synthetic substance and it is most closely linked to MDMA in terms of both its composition and its effects. The molecular makeup of Benzo Fury is 6-ABP or 6-MABP, depending on the batch, and all versions of the drug seem to be unpredictable in nature.

Why Was Benzo Fury Legal?

The new wave of “legal high” possibilities, brought on by the bath salts craze, continues to soar as people find more new chemicals to market legally. Benzo Fury is made up of an original compound of molecules, making it difficult to label as illicit when first marketed as a research compound.

Now, countries around the world are taking note of the legality and fatality of Benzo Fury. Benzo Fury first gained notoriety in the U.K. following deaths of British citizens when using the drug. The country has since made the research chemical illegal.

What is the Benzo Fury Experience?

Benzo Fury is a stimulant and is often sold as white powder in capsules or tablets. When the drug is taken orally, the side effects of Benzo Fury usually set in within an hour. Benzo Fury side effects can last anywhere from four to ten hours. The impact of Benzo Fury can vary greatly among users, but most report feelings of euphoria, enhanced pleasure and hallucinogenic properties.

Other users report that taking Benzo Fury results in feeling like you are extremely intoxicated from alcohol and are numb. Because Benzo Fury is not regulated, there is no guarantee of the chemical makeup in each dosage. This makes the drug extremely unpredictable and also very dangerous to mix with any other mind-altering substances.

What are the Side Effects of Benzo Fury?

Benzo Fury is still a new drug and the side effects seem to vary greatly among users. Some people recall “coming down” for days, with nausea or diarrhea. Some report extreme feelings of depression, and some report feeling hungover, as if from alcohol.

Because users often take Benzo Fury in conjunction with other drugs or alcohol, typically at parties, raves or music shows, it is difficult to determine how Benzo Fury works on its own. In some cases, people reported:

  • Complete psychosis
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Tremors
  • Uncontrollable vomiting
  • Sweating

In these cases, hospitalization was required.

What are the Dangers of Benzo Fury?

Put simply, the dangers of Benzo Fury are impairment and death. In the U.K., the death of a young woman on Benzo Fury made international headlines. Jennifer Whiteley, a 27 year old with her master’s degree in a mental health field, passed away after taking Benzo Fury with her boyfriend.

Whiteley and her boyfriend had bought the drugs legally and taken them one night to celebrate her new position to help people addicted to drugs. Unfortunately, Jennifer was never able to start her new job as the side effects of Benzo Fury were fatal. Another man in the United Kingdom died while “legally high” on Benzo Fury after he slit his own throat.

Benzo Fury is a dangerous, unregulated drug that is being made illegal as we continue to uncover its possible effects. Designer drugs are unpredictable in nature and should never be taken in conjunction with other substances. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, don’t wait. Contact 12 Keys Rehab today.

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