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Our Drug Addiction Treatment Model

The drug addiction treatment model at 12 Keys is a multi-track, multi-disciplinary method of treating addiction, mental and behavioral health, trauma, and social problems simultaneously. The recovery process is administered by a large and qualified professional staff who have received extensive training in this drug rehab model – in addition to all their training for licensure and certification. Many of our staff are recovering addicts and have been in the same place you or your loved one is right now. Our holistic approach to healing is at the core of this drug addiction treatment model & allows for a recovery of mind, body, and spirit.

Continuous assessment, monitoring, and individual counseling allow us to be very flexible when formulating treatment plans. Every case is different and each requires gathering information from a multitude of sources, including self-disclosure, family, peers, and observations by the treatment team and support staff. Each source presents a point of view to be considered. The treatment planning is reviewed and approved by the Clinical Director and Medical Director prior to implementation. As the client progresses through the early stages of treatment, new problems and revelations begin to present. Our team is there to review and prescribe additional treatments for each specific problem. We employ many modalities of treatment, including EMDR, Bio Feedback, and one-to-one discussions with staff who has training and experience dealing with the problem. Outcomes show that treating all the associated conditions combined with the 12 step rehab program produces excellent results. Treating the client holistically means we help The Mind, The Spirit, and The Body concurrently.

Our low client to therapist ratio is what affords us the time to identify and treat all the issues that drive addiction. Family involvement helps restore damaged relationships, provides relief for the family and begins to erase the guilt and other negative emotions that accompany addiction. Each therapist handles a small client caseload and has the support of the Clinical Director and Medical Director, along with 25 other staff members, most of whom are in recovery. There is always someone to talk to. Help is available 24/7 call this number for a free personal consultation. 800-338-5770

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Our goal is to make your journey toward recovery as seamless as possible by removing obstacles which otherwise might stand in your way…

Expenses related to your treatment are considered a cost of doing business.

Prescriptions, all meals, activities, and most incidentals, including travel to and use of a gym, are also covered.

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Florida substance abuse Rehab Model

12 Keys Melbourne offers clients a comprehensive plan to address physical, mental and spiritual healing, and recover from addiction. After your initial evaluation, you’ll begin a 30-, 60- or 90-day treatment program. You’ll also participate in your first 12 step group recovery meeting. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but soon you’ll look forward to those meetings as much as you do time at the gym or on the beach!

Each client receives a personalized schedule of individual and group counseling sessions. You’ll be paired with one of our accredited and experienced addiction support counselors for private counseling sessions.

We embrace the 12-steps as outlined in countless self-help programs, and we’ll help you obtain a sponsor for your recovery. A sponsor is someone who has successfully maintained sobriety for a period of time and practices the 12 steps to the best of their ability. They act as a mentor and guide for you as you walk through the 12 steps and learn how to incorporate them into your daily life to maintain sobriety.

It’s not all work and no play! Part of a holistic approach to recovery is learning how to live a balanced, healthy life. 12 Keys offers time for rest, reflection and rejuvenation. Walk on the beach, go fishing or simply relax with a good book. Visitors are also welcome at 12 Keys. In addition to rest and recreation, we encourage healthy physical activity and good nutrition. Tasty meals, healthy snacks and time for exercise are all part of your recovery.

Another aspect of our drug addiction treatment model is making friends. Addiction is a lonely disease. When you’re deep in your addiction, you may be surrounded by people, but feel lonely all the time. Help is available 24/7 call us for a free personal consultation. We encourage you to make friends in treatment and count on others in your support group for help and encouragement.

As you learn more about addiction and recovery, you’ll gain a better understanding of your disease. You’ll also gain the tools that will support your continued recovery.

Family counseling is an important aspect of recovery at 12 Keys Melbourne. Your family may need more help to understand your illness and advice on how to continue to support your recovery. Family counseling and education continues to be an important part of the drug addiction treatment model.

Recovery doesn’t end on your last day at 12 Keys. Recovery is a lifetime process. We’ll create a customized aftercare plan for you to help you stay healthy and sober after you leave treatment. An aftercare plan may include support-group meetings, doctor appointments and counseling sessions to keep your recovery going strong.


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The 12 Keys drug addiction treatment model recognizes the importance of treating the entire problem associated with the client’s addiction. We employ an array of interventions to treat the underlying issues. Some of these modalities include EMDR, Bio-Feedback, and many others. We have a large treatment team and a small census. Daily individual counseling sessions with our clients afford us the ability to closely monitor progress or problems. As problems arise Dr. Balta and Loretta, our Clinical Director, formulate a plan of treatment. The clinical team meets and agrees on a course of treatment and a staff member best suited for the client. The client then meets with his therapist and provides his or her input.

Our industry-leading client-to-counselor ratio allows us to be nimble and able to address problems often deferred or overlooked at larger facilities. Our support staff allows us to monitor clients in all settings, not just the group room. By assembling all this data, we are able to treat real-life problems.


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The 12 steps, also called “a design for living,” are designed to produce a spiritual awakening. The 12 Steps of recovery have been around and successful since 1939. The process is very simple and is proven to be the most successful method for helping alcoholics and addicts to recover.

The beauty of this drug addiction treatment model is that it offers a worldwide support system for anyone suffering from addiction. When we accept this way of life, we begin to look at ourselves and how we interact with others. We learn that we have often been wrong. Perhaps more importantly, we come to the realization we are unable to stop our destructive behavior without help. We learn that we are not alone, others think the way we do, others have found a solution to their problem, and that with a little work, we can live a life free from addiction and selfishness. We learn to repair the damage we have caused others during our active addiction. We begin to get relief from the overwhelming guilt and despair we suffer as a result of the life we lived in addiction.


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The fear of suffering from the symptoms of detoxification keeps many from seeking treatment. We don’t believe detox should be a punishment! Dr. Balta is a compassionate provider; he has been caring for detox clients for over 25 years and will make sure you are comfortable, safely and thoroughly detoxed. While you are being detoxed you will have a chance to begin repairing your body and soothing your mind. Once you enter this process, there is often profound relief in the knowledge that you have decided to get your life back.

After detoxification, the body needs to heal. Our chef prepares a menu that is approved by our Nutritionist. As you eat healthy and participate in our activities, you will begin to feel your spirit improve, your mind clear, and your energy return. Treatment of the body is an integral part of treating addiction and mental and behavioral health. Our 10-acre waterfront facility, our pool, working with our trainer at the gym, Kayaking, Standup Paddle Boarding, fishing, and other activities at we offer are designed to restore your body and show you how much fun can be had in recovery.


addiction rehab model

Family involvement and participation is a crucial part of the process. Often the lines of communication and trust are broken. In family sessions with and without the loved one, we help resolve these issues and help the family establish healthy boundaries. We provide counseling literature and aftercare for the family members. Let’s not forget what they have been through living with and trying to keep alive a suffering relative. We offer this service as a part of the overall treatment plan and we can do this in person or telephonically if travel is a problem. We encourage you to participate in this engaging, educational and relieving process.

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