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What Our Clients Say:

  • I thought treatment was going to be like jail, but it isn’t like that.
  • I now make good lifestyle choices. I have true friends in the recovery community.
  • It’s kind of like coming into a Garden of Eden. You feel that everything’s going to be ok. I’m safe now.
  • The energy here is unbelievable. Everyone was warm and welcoming.
  • I feel better, comfortable in my own skin. If someone wants to get sober, this is a wonderful place to do it.


  • WHAT REHAB IS LIKE AT 12 Keys Florida







Read the testimonials from members of the 12 Keys South Florida recovery family who have gone on to lead fulfilling, happy and sober lives. Explore our treatment and discover how rehabilitation is well within your or your loved one’s reach.

These are real words from real clients experiencing real recoveries after healing at 12 Keys. Our well-appointed center, nurturing counselors and specialists and relaxing sub-tropical climate help our clients reengage with the people, work and activities they once loved.

The South Florida property features a plantation-style main house with private and semi-private rooms, private bathrooms and showers, and comfortable. Upon arrival, our medical staff helps our clients recover from the side effects of withdrawal safely and pharmacologically, if necessary. When ready, clients then begin their journeys to recovery with one-to-one and small group therapy sessions, a full menu of fun activities and chef-prepared meals. The property, located on 10 waterfront acres, also features a large swimming pool and 12 private and semi-private cottages.

Compassionate Recovery and Boosted Confidence in a Nurturing Environment

Unlike other rehabilitation clinics that confine patients in a strict hospital-like setting, 12 Keys understands recovering addicts and alcoholics often heal more comfortably in a luxurious, relaxed atmosphere. Our clients have complete access to cell phones and laptop computers as well as family members, business partners and more. We provide the tools and resources our clients need to address the stressors and joys that daily life brings. That is what leads our recovering clients to say, “My life is beyond my wildest dreams. It really is.”

Contact us and discover how we can help you or a loved one rediscover the joys of living a sober, productive and fun lifestyle.

A Client’s Letter:

Hey Keith,

I saw that Kristi reached out to you the other day and I wanted to do the same. I cannot express how grateful I am to you and 12 Keys. I always remember you telling people not to thank you for the help that you provide but to stay clean and sober and that is thanks that keeps you going. I have been blessed to be able to stay clean for this first year and I have learned that if I just to the right thing, it really isn’t that hard. I am not going to lie and say that some bad thoughts do enter my mind from time to time but that is just my disease reminding me that it is there whenever I want to come out and play again 🙂

I feel like a little kid every morning that I wake up. I notice things that I have never noticed before and I can truly say that I finally know what love means and how powerful it can be when you do the right thing. Well I am off for another day and I am pretty sure that I am going to make it through the sober way. Sobriety is a gift and I cherish it every day and I remind myself that it is not something that is just given to you, it is something that you have to constantly work for in order to keep it.

Keep spreading the word about the miracle of sobriety.

I love you and all of the staff and clients.

PS – I think I will be down for the reunion that Tom is putting together for March 22-24th. Hope to see you soon.


A Wife’s Letter


Time flies; today was the day Ben left for treatment. I wanted to take a moment to send this email and let you know how grateful I am that 12 Keys was there for Ben (and our family) when he was in desperate need of guidance. I have been emotional all day thinking back to where our life was a year ago and where we are now. Ben has been sober 1 year, I no longer worry about what he is doing (thanks to Nar Anon), our son is happy and healthy, and we are pushing on with a normal life… stronger than ever! I thank God every day for the miracle that Ben surrendered to addiction & chose 12 Keys in his first step in recovery. It is Ben that wanted and continues to be sober, however, I cannot say that if he chose a different recovery center he would have been successful in doing so. I am eternally thankful & I will never forget all of you, as you are all truly one of a kind. Hopefully, we will be able to come & visit soon!!!

With sincere gratitude,


A Client’s Letter

Hi Susan,

I don’t know if you remember me but you were my counselor at 12 Keys from 2/25/13 – 4/19/13. It has been over seven months since my last drink and I wanted to let you know how I am doing.

I am working now in a real estate office as an assistant to an agent who handles most of the foreclosures in the area. I do Broker Price Opinions for her properties so she has an idea what to price them when they are listed for sale. I was a real estate appraiser for 18 years and am very familiar with estimating market value for properties. This is not appraisal work, but similar on a limited scale. When I first moved here in April 2012, I ran into this agent at the closing of my house. She remembered me from my appraiser days and said she might have a job opportunity at her office. I called a couple of times and nothing ever became of it. A couple of weeks after I got home from treatment, I got a call from her office asking if I was still interested in the job! A year later!! I accepted and started working and I really like it. I work from home so I can adjust my schedule for time to get to AA meetings and work out at the gym almost every day.

I have a great sponsor and she is helping me with the steps. We are going slow which is OK with me. We talk a lot and I’m also still seeing the therapist you found for me. I pray a LOT and haven’t had many cravings. The thought of a drink pops into my head sometimes but I don’t consider actually having one. I am very aware that I can’t have one or a couple of drinks, that does no good. I will need more and more and then I will be gone. I know, know, know this and hope I never forget.

You kept trying to get me to “feel my feelings” when I was there with you. That has helped since I’ve been home. One of my dogs died while I was there but the 2nd one died a month after I got home. I didn’t think I would make it without a drink (many drinks), but I remembered what you said and just suffered through it. It wasn’t fun, but I didn’t drink. I use that advice quite often whenever something upsets me and I seem to make it through. Unfortunately, I am using it a lot lately as I thoughtfully go over my life history. My sponsor wants to know how I was feeling through the things I can remember. It is very painful, I can’t believe what a horrible person I have been. With God’s help, I will survive this too and move on.

You’ll be happy to know I get out of my comfort zone sometimes (very hard for me). I have chaired a few meetings and open the room for a women’s meeting on Mondays. I’m getting a bit more confident. Well, that’s about it, I just wanted to thank you for giving me a great start in recovery. I hope things are going well for you, may God Bless You.



A Mother’s Letter

Dear Janie,

Please accept our gratitude for the healing and restoration our son and our family received from you and the other excellent counselors and staff at 12 Keys. We were all ill and suffering in our son’s addiction. Now, after only about ninety days in treatment, we are all physically and spiritually strong and ready to continue down the clean and sober road of recovery together. Our relationships were restored and made whole again.

You all gave us the greatest gift ever. You pulled our son out of the deep, dark evil pit of addition. Today, he is no longer a hostage of the disease. You showed him how to face his fears, like himself again and how to embrace a new life through a relationship with a higher power, God, as he understands him.

With the coping skills and the twelve-step program that he is taking with him, he has a much greater chance of staying the course of recovery. We are proud of him. Thanks to God, to you, and 12 Keys.

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