Will drug rehab treatment allow me to find myself again?

As a recovering alcoholic/addict with almost 23 years of sobriety, one of the biggest issues I faced in early recovery was struggling to find out who I really was.

For most addicts, that is a question that many face as they rid their bodies of the toxic substances that they used to mask their pain and anguish. For many of us, drugs and alcohol was the great elixir—it gave us the false illusion that we could be someone else.

Drug rehab treatment centers across the country will work with addicts to flush the body of toxic substances, but how many of them actually take the time to work with each client in finding out who they really are?

12 Keys Rehab is a drug rehab treatment center that does just that. For them, it’s not just about teaching clients how to stay away from a drink or drug—it’s also allowing clients to get to know themselves all over again, and to become comfortable with who they are in sobriety.

It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s not a miracle transformation. But 12 Keys is a rehab in South Florida that has a dedicated team of counselors and therapists whom have put together a comprehensive drug rehab treatment plan that helps each client break down walls and gives them the chance to find out who they really are.

Oftentimes, addicts use drugs simply because they want to get out of themselves—they’re just not happy with who they are and what they’ve become. The drugs hide that pain. In early recovery, once the drugs have been flushed out of the system, they’re left with the stark reality that they have to deal with that pain and anguish.

However, at 12 Keys Rehab, clients go through intense one-on-one counseling, group therapy sessions and other treatment modalities that help them find out that they’re not as terrible as they once thought. In reality, it was the drugs that made them feel uncomfortable with themselves, and through therapy and counseling, they can start the process of getting to know themselves all over again.

Drug rehab treatment isn’t just about staying away from a drink or a drug. It’s about rehabbing the mind, body and soul, and 12 Keys Rehab is a drug rehab treatment center that works with each client to allow them to find an inner peace and comfort with who they are as a person.

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